Puttin’ on the Blitz

Ok guys, it’s three weeks before Thanksgiving (give or take). What are you doing to prep for the orgy of gluttony that’s bearing down on you?

I’m doing a Blitz!

My friend Allison mentioned last week that she was going to do an HMR Blitz for the next three weeks and asked if anybody wanted to join her. I’M IN!

The premise of a blitz is that you do your diet program (whatever that is), strictly and without failing. In the case of HMR, that means being “in the box” and on-program for the next 3 weeks. Here’s what I like about the Blitz:

  • Deficiting before Thanksgiving, instead of trying to lose what I gained after. It’s a pre-emptive approach to dealing with the holiday eating season!
  • It’s time-boxed. I know there’s an end date,  I can do anything for only 3 weeks.
  • Tune up those skills and habits before the indulgences come flying hard and fast!
  • Kick-start that diet and exercise program, or get it back into high gear.

I’ve been feeling a little “fluffy” lately, the last few weeks I’ve been maybe a little less vigilant about my eating habits. This Blitz is just what I needed. Three weeks of practicing all of my good habits and remembering how to be mindful. I’ll be doing the “play along at home” version since my old HMR office seems to have had a total staff turnover and don’t know me anymore. I can do an Independent Study program easily, if there’s one rut it’s easy for me to fall into it’s being “in the box” on HMR. I’ll stop by the office tomorrow evening and pick up the supplies I’ll need (I’ve got enough on hand for a couple of days already).

So I start tomorrow. What are your plans for navigating the upcoming Festive Eating Season?


One Response to “Puttin’ on the Blitz”

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    […] feel much worse about it if I hadn’t planned for it already by blitzing most of November and every non-weekend day in December. In fact, this morning starts my […]

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