Dealing With Changes to My Routine

It’s been several weeks of odd schedules for me in a row. I’m a creature of habit, so I get thrown by strangeness in my schedule. First it was my out-of-town coworkers visiting for a whole week. Problems with that: I had to be in the office every day for 5 days! 1) Putting together that many professional outfits was a challenge! I never go into the office anymore so I’ve let my “professional human” wardrobe wither away, but I managed it! 2) I couldn’t exercise every morning after logging on but before doing the real work of the day, which is how I normally structure my workouts. 3) Food – I had to pack some, and plan my lunch selections because there is a lot more variety in the cafeteria than in my kitchen.

I managed all of those things, and a couple of days I even planned with my co-workers to meet up at the office around 10am, so I could still get my workout done in the morning.

Then the next week I had Jury Duty! Dun dun DUN! Which meant I couldn’t exercise in the morning, and I’d have to pack my food in. Monday morning early I trundled down to the courthouse (which is about a 30-minute train ride away), but I forgot my food. And all I could find for my mid-morning snack was a donut. My kryptonite! I ate it. It was good. They released us around noon, with directions to come back Thursday. I dutifully put that donut into MyFitnessPal and I still managed to have a deficit day by controlling my intake the rest of the day. Also, walking home from the train station, and doing my workout in the evening. Thursday I was better and brought my snack with me, so no donut decisions had to be made! And I was released from Jury Duty as they filled the jury without even talking to me. Whew!

This week I was pleased to be getting back in my regular schedule but my boss asked me late Friday to attend a Web Services Technology summit on Monday morning in a nearby city. Ok, fine, messes up my routine, but fine. The site for the summit had a lovely park nearby with a trail, so I went for a couple of walks throughout the day during lunch and breaks. The catered lunch was pretty healthy – a salad and half-sandwich. Oh and a cookie. Dammit. Every meal doesn’t need a dessert!

Yesterday I decided not to go back for day 2 (it wasn’t particularly applicable to what we do), so I was able to do my normal Jillian workout, and today I went for a run.

I saw a flock of turkey-lurkeys on my run this morning! They were crossing the road, like proper urban birds. First they looked both ways and waited for a break in traffic, ran across to the median strip and stopped until everyone was there, watched for a break in the traffic going the other way, and crossed all together. I stayed to make sure they got there safely, because if any had gotten hit I’d have had to pull a driver out and do a beat-down.

Speaking of driver beat-downs…Dear Drivers: You stop at the FIRST line of a crosswalk at a stop sign when there’s somebody already in it. Or anytime. Then, after stopping at the FIRST line, if the coast is clear, THEN you can creep forward for a better view of oncoming traffic. You don’t just roll up through the crosswalk when there’s somebody already in it. RUDE. I see so many bad, dangerous drivers when I’m out running. It makes me want to carry a crowbar or tire iron or something. I seriously hate them all.


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