Longer Than I Was Ready For

I got up and went for a run this morning. The route I had intended to run mapped to about 3.1 miles, but as I got started I thought, “Hey, it’s Sunday, if today’s not the day to do a longer, extended run and really go for it, what is?”

So I went for a longer run, however it’s a run longer than any I’ve done in over a year. I ran up to the park at the top of the hill, and then back home. That’s about 5.5 miles with a pretty good elevation gain in the middle. But…I’ve been running 3.4 mile routes at most this year! So my body was kind of shocked that I’d elected to do this out of the blue.

You know what happens when you run 2 miles longer than you’re accustomed to? You have to recover. Heh. I got home, showered, had a snack, did some sewing, then sat down to watch some football with my husband and I was OUT. Guess I needed the rest!

I don’t mind, I didn’t have anything major planned for today. And I’m a firm believer that if I want to go for it, I should. I don’t think I’ve ever injured myself adding distance to a run, and there’s no time like today if I want to increase the distances I’m capable of!  I know I’ll be a little sore tomorrow. That’s nothing new though. The workouts I’ve been doing since February have pretty much guaranteed that I’ve felt soreness somewhere in my body almost every single day since then. I like that kind of soreness, it reminds me I’m alive and using my body for what it’s made for.


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