It WAS Easier For Your Parents


Cripes, I don’t even know what to say about this article I just stumbled across:

Your Parents Didn’t Have As Much Trouble Losing Weight As You

Summary: It’s harder for people who are young now to lose weight despite doing the same exercise and eating the same things, than it was for people in the Baby Boomer Generation, due to various environmental, physiological, and behavioral factors. It lists 4 factors that have scientifically been proven to cause weight gain or prevent loss, and yeah, 3 of those 4 (if not all of them) are definitely a factor for most people living today.

And then the last half of the article is utter bullshit, where they ask an “expert” what you should do and he says that it’s all your fault anyway because you don’t move as much as older generations did and you eat too much sugar, oh and try to exercise more and eat better (which contradicts what was stated in the first three paragraphs of the article, and I quote: “People were about 10 percent heavier in 2008 than in 1971 and five percent heavier, despite eating the same amount of food and doing the same exercise.”). So the last half is really stupid but it’s about what I expect from articles on Yahoo! Health anymore.

This week I’m doing the Killer Body DVD. There are 3 workouts: Monday I did arms, yesterday I did core, today I did lower body/legs. I’m gonna be sore, but tomorrow I start in on arms again, etc. Good workout! The one-minute cardio intervals are significantly harder than her usual 30-second ones. More than twice as hard, I think! Harder than they have any right to be. The Core workout yesterday left me sore in places I’ve never felt before, so yay!


One Response to “It WAS Easier For Your Parents”

  1. projectfoodsleuth Says:

    Interesting article.

    However, regarding the contradiction between the advice to exercise more and the research results saying that people did the same exercise in 1971 as in 2008, I don’t think it’s a contradiction at all. The research could only have looked at formal exercise like going to the gym, doing calisthenics, or sports. But overall physical activity throughout the day could be less, as mentioned in the article: “use an elevator to get to your office, send emails to colleagues instead of getting up to talk to them, and spend much more time sitting in front of a computer than your parents did.”

    The expert also didn’t tell us to “exercise more”. He just mentioned the need to consciously move more throughout the day. 🙂

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