Everything Is Chaos Right Now!

It’s been an exciting week since I last posted. Not in the fun Las Vegas kind of way either. Since my last post I’ve taken my husband to the ER 3 times for complications resulting from his knee surgery, and he fell down 2 flights of stairs while having a drug-induced panic attack on Wednesday, resulting in a badly sprained (and marvelously bruised) ankle on his previously-good leg.

So as you can see it’s been all butterflies and unicorns here.

I’ve tried to keep up with my exercise and eating habits amongst all the chaos. Yesterday I went for a run after strongly informing him that he’s on lockdown and not to move until I come back. In fact, he’s pretty much in lockdown in the bedroom until he’s healed up. So I am making a lot more trips up and down the stairs than usual, and that’s got to be worth something!

I also have taken yesterday and today off work since it became pretty clear that doing my paying job while also trying to care for him during recovery was too much and I wasn’t doing either very well. Tuesday I did Level 1 again of the Yoga Meltdown DVD, and since that was the third or fourth time I had done Level 1 I thought I would try Level 2 this morning.

I learned something. I learned that I’m not ready for Level 2.

Sooo not ready for Level 2. There are two moves that are so far beyond my capabilities that I can’t even see them if  put a telescope on Mars (what? Yes, I’m reading The Martian right now, isn’t everyone? It is highly engrossing!). There’s a move called Crow, where she says to start by putting one foot up and then the other and I’m hunched there thinking, I can barely get one foot up for a single second! Obviously this is going to take some time. And then there’s something called a Wheel, I think? I could probably hold it if I magically found myself in it, but pushing up to it from laying down? Hahahaha! I’ll just lay here and do a bridge instead. I may never be able to do that move, much like a push-up from my toes. I am, however, finally starting to see some glimmer of improvement in doing a chattaranga pushup from my knees, so that’s something!

I feel like I need a more remedial Yoga DVD if I’m going to keep doing it, and I enjoy it so I think I will. Yoga has been a nice respite this week during a very crazy time! But I think what I have is too advanced. Please, give me your recommendation for a Yoga workout DVD for people who have no experience with yoga and have to work up to things like Crow and Wheel slowly, over perhaps years!

I’ll probably do Level 1 a few more times before I look at Level 2 again, if I ever do!


One Response to “Everything Is Chaos Right Now!”

  1. Figgy Says:

    It has always thrown me for a loop when something like that happens with a family member, and I get pulled out of my routine. I haven’t coped well with it in the past. I’m glad to hear your story, and it looks like you have good boundaries, and can take the steps to take care of your needs when the going gets tough.

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