The Hardest Workout I’ve Ever Attempted

Level 2 of the Hardbody DVD is the hardest workout I’ve ever attempted. I’ve done it twice now – Monday and today. On Monday I was certain that Jillian Michaels was trying to kill me. I haven’t even given her a reason yet! Today I’m still mostly sure she’s trying to kill me but since she hasn’t succeeded it might just make me stronger. And I say “attempted” because so far I haven’t yet successfully done all the moves. Some of them I will never master, such as crow pushups. I will never be able to do a crow pushup – after 8 months of working hard at it, I still can’t really do a regular pushup from my toes. That is just not something my body is capable of. And many of the moves require a combination of strength, balance, and coordination that doesn’t happen the first time or two. It gives me something to aim for.

However, I am happy to report that I didn’t have to take the modifier for most moves. In fact, the majority of the moves I was doing the regular motion, it was just really hard! My glutes in particular were sore yesterday from Monday’s workout, and other muscles to a lesser extent.

The only downside of Level 2 for me is that I don’t really have the space to do them as they ought to be done. I’m working with  a smallish living room, and even pushing the coffee table and bar chairs out of the way I still don’t have enough space to do some of the “traveling” moves. I do my best, but my only knock on this workout is I wish she’d consider that most people aren’t doing it in a wide open gym like they are but in living rooms where room to move can be an issue.

But, I like it and find it hugely challenging. If you’re looking for a really hard home workout, this is definitely a good one.


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