Just got back from one of the crappiest runs ever. I was bonking by about halfway through and never could recover enough to anything more than kind of jog-stagger back home.

It’s a delicate balance for me, exercise and food. I need to be appropriately fueled to exercise, but I can’t do it on a full stomach. So there’s a very particular slice of time in which I need to hit the exercise if I don’t want to bonk or puke. This morning my run was delayed by about 45 minutes due to a work call I needed to be on. Not realizing I needed a little more fuel to make my run work (45 minutes doesn’t seem like that much), I headed out and bonked halfway through.

Regardless, I got home and got to record my exercise for the day, but that was no fun.

(And yeah, I’m sort of testing to see if running makes my shoulder problem better, worse, or the same.)


2 Responses to “Bonking”

  1. The Tipsy Runner Says:

    It can be difficult to find that balance! I have been struggling as well lately with this! Hope your next run is better!

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