Staying Engaged/The Mighty Potato

I’ve been blogging a lot lately about the various exercise DVDs and running I’ve been doing. I hope that it is demonstrating that in order to keep motivated and engaged, I need to try new things and experience a variety of activities. It’s a long, long slog maintaining my weight, so getting bored and disconnected, which leads to quitting and going back to a sedentary life of eating without thinking and not bothering with exercise, is the biggest trap I need to avoid. How that works for me may be different from what you need to stay engaged. I can only show what I do and hope that occasionally that helps you think of a new way to approach your goals.

Sunday I tried a new workout DVD, Hardbody, and boy was it hard on my body! (But in a good way!) I ended up taking a rest day yesterday, partly due to circumstances and partly because I was sore enough that I thought it was a good idea. Today I attacked Level 1 again. I really feel like I’m building new muscles, the moves are more complicated than the other DVDs I’ve done – some of them require a combination of balance and coordination, as well as practice! There was one move that I completely failed to make work on Sunday, but today I was managing it pretty well. It’s nice to see improvement from session to session, I find it very motivating! And I still have more room for improvement, so I’ll probably hit this one a few more times before moving to Level 2. Also, this time there’s a live DJ that’s spinning tunes for the ladies working out, and I dig his playlist, it’s got a clear Dubstep influence, which I enjoy and think works well for the moves. I don’t normally even notice the music when I’m working out but I both noticed and liked it with this one.

After my workout I put some potatoes into the oven to bake until lunchtime. I prefer Yukon golds over pretty much any other kind for baking and eating. At noon I’ll pull them out and eat one with salsa and sour cream and maybe a little shredded cheese. I probably also need something with protein, so I may also throw in an HMR shake as well if I’m still hungry.

I love potatoes – they have the highest  satiety  index of any food I know. Go ahead and read each of those links. Potatoes are NOT KIDDING AROUND*. I am making enough so that I can have some for lunches later this week too. Planning ahead!

*Yes, I’m aware that they don’t work so well for diabetics. Sorry guys. The rest of us, though, should really consider including more boiled or baked potatoes in our meals.


2 Responses to “Staying Engaged/The Mighty Potato”

  1. Donna Says:

    baked potato … yum. Just to shave off a few calories, you might want to switch out the sour cream for quark. You can make quark with regular or lowfat milk, thereby decreasing the calories, but you still get a thick, tangy dairy product to use like sour cream. It is way easy to make.

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