Yoga Workout and Request for Mat Recommendations

My new workout DVDs arrived last night. I know I’m like a one-track record with my exercise DVDs, but I love the Jillian Michaels workouts, so I got three more from her. This morning I threw on Yoga Meltdown and did Level 1, because according to my husband, who is also working from home today, yoga sounds like it would be a relaxing workout for somebody on heavy anti-inflammatories (*more on that below) due to muscular problems.

I tell you what, that is definitely a workout, but I wouldn’t call it a relaxing workout. I definitely see room for improvement, so I’m looking forward to getting better. I’ve done yoga maybe 2 or 3 times in my life, and the last time was years ago, so I definitely consider myself a total newbie at this.

Downside, though: I was raining down sweat on my mat so heavily in the middle that I could barely get my feet stuck in place and slipped a few times on downward dog and when I was doing a plank from my elbows. I think I need a different mat or something, because the one I have gets really slippery when it’s wet, and when I’m working hard, it’s soaked. I’m a sweater, that’s just how it is! Recommendations on that particular problem are definitely welcome. Drop me a comment if you have a solution or product rec!

Image found on the internet. Perfectly pinpoints my problem area.

Image found on the internet. Perfectly pinpoints my problem area.

*In other news, I’ve been having terrible shoulder pain for several months now, and I finally saw my doctor about it. It turns out that I’ve got a slightly pinched nerve coming out of my vertebrae in the thoracic area, which is causing these muscles that sit between my spine and my shoulder blade on the left side (see handy diagram –>) to spasm and become inflamed. She gave me heavy anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants for nighttime, and painkillers for when it gets really bad. Also I need to ice it 3 times a day. So far I’m already feeling better, which is good because this is an area that there’s not much that can be done – physical therapy isn’t really an option due to the location of the pain, so we just need to get the inflammation under control. I’m also taking a look at my desk set-up to try to make it more ergonomic so I’m not straining it that way. I spend so much of my day working at a computer I think that’s a likely culprit.


One Response to “Yoga Workout and Request for Mat Recommendations”

  1. Julie Says:

    You just need to put down a towel on top of your yoga mat to prevent slippage. Amazon has hot yoga towels that are pricey but worth it — soak up the sweat without getting soggy, dry fast etc.

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