Science! (Moves Slowly)

Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably saw this article plastered all over the news today, with increasingly fantastical titles:

Scientists find how obesity gene works! or Obesity gene discovery could forever change weight loss! or No need for diets & exercise? Scientists find obesity gene with off switch!

But since I know you’re all savvy media consumers, you know before you even click that any practical application of these knowledge is at least 10-15 years out. And even then, the differences they say they’re seeing between people with the gene and without is about 7 lbs. Not much to write home about if you’re battling a serious weight problem like me. Heck, not even much to write a post about.

Cancel the keg and party hats. Keep eating right and exercising. (But I still hold out hope they’ll figure something out so I can indulge when I’m an old retired broad.)


One Response to “Science! (Moves Slowly)”

  1. Shonnie Says:

    I just wish I could figure a way to NOT regain all the weight I work to lose anytime I have a set back. That would make me happy

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