Runner’s Not-Quite-High

I have the weirdest relationship with the mythical “runner’s high” you often read about. I’ve gotten what I think is a true runner’s high like, maybe 5 or 6 times in my ten years of running. It’s so incredibly rare for me, if I were running in expectation of one I wouldn’t be a runner.

Today I got what I think of as a slight, mid-run high. Sometimes it happens during my run, where I suddenly get a wash of euphoric happiness where nothing hurts, everything feels good, and I feel like I could run forever. It’s usually accompanied by goosebumps. And it’s often brought on by a really rockin’ song coming on my iPod – today it was “25 or 6 to 4“, which, btw, is not about doing drugs – it’s about writing a song. Just FYI there. Anyway, it didn’t last too long, but it was nice.

Yesterday and today while running I’ve been mulling an invention that needs to happen. I need a drone, now that they’re apparently available to civilians, which hovers over me while I’m running holding a big umbrella or sun shade so I can run in the shade. A big hat is not enough, my whole body needs to be shaded, it would really improve my experience. I imagine it would be a combination of a chip in a wristband (incorporate this into a fitbit-type device?!) I wore and a drone which has a camera which is programmed to watch me (the one wearing the wristband/chip) and make sure the shade it’s throwing is covering me, while also watching out for trees and other obstacles and not running into them. It also needs to keep following me when I’m in natural shade. There are a probably a few other variables that need to be accounted for, but that’s my initial sketch on how this would be done. Anybody who wants to run with it has my blessing as long as I get one.

There would totally be a market for it – all people who run outdoors and don’t want their skin to turn into baseball gloves. That sun can be relentless, turning a simple run into a grudge slog.


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