Great news everybody!

The NIH did a rigorous study to determine whether low-carb or low-fat were better for weight loss!

*big sigh*

They got results that, for now, this time, seem reasonable and scientifically based. I find it annoying and frustrating every time one of these new studies comes out and the media descends on it like hungry coyotes. The truth of weight loss isn’t a fad or a trick or a secret. Truly, the final sentence of the article is the real heart of the matter:

“The takeaway: The most important part of dieting isn’t necessarily the kind of diet you chose when it comes to low-carb vs. low-fat, it’s whether you stick to it.”

Over the years I’ve been maintaining and the many fads I’ve seen come and go, this is the only truth I know. Find something you like and can stick to. Rock on with your bad self.


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