What’s good for the bust isn’t so good for the belly!

I went for a run on Saturday morning for the first time in months. I think I’ve finally maxed out on the DVDs and I’m bored. I went again this morning, 3 miles in about 45 minutes. I’ve never been fast, but I get the job done.

I’m also back to tracking my intake. Saturday I took my measurements and found an odd thing. My waist measurement has increased by an inch over the last 6 months, but my hips have stayed exactly the same.  Normally when I gain fat, it goes right to my hips, that is where I store it first. But my hips haven’t gotten any bigger. My waist has. My only thought is that all the ab work I’ve been doing has increased my abs. And since I haven’t been watching my intake like a hawk, I haven’t lost any of the fat over them either.

You know how when women start lifting weights everybody says, “Oh, if you work on your chest it’ll make your boobs bigger because the muscle under them will make them stand out more”? Well, my hypothesis is that that also applies to the fat on your abs. If you build your abs, and don’t reduce the fat over them you get…what I have gotten. That’s not what I wanted!

All of which has kicked me into gear to start tracking, reduce my intake a bit (cutting alcohol is easy low hanging fruit I can start with, and avoiding bits and bites throughout the day), and up my cardio. Hence, back to running since I’m bored with my DVDs.

I’ll still do DVDs, they’re great for when the weather is bad. My husband gave me a set of P90X to try, although currently they are throwing an error on the DVD player, so I will have to get that figured out before trying them.



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