Ripped in 30(ish)

Today I finished the Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” DVD. I did it at least 5 days a week for a month (with a few days out for camping, but I made up the days when I got back).

Am I ripped? Yeah. I have muscles in places I’ve never had them before. I can see shoulders, arms, legs, and abs muscles I’ve either never seen before, or it’s been so long I’ve forgotten seeing them. Of course, I’d been working out since February on this sort of program, so it’s not like I started from couch potato.

Of course, you have to really look to see them (and know to look) because my fat percentage hasn’t dropped, and my excess skin issue is still present due to having weighed and then losing 200 pounds. That’s a lot of skin and my arms and legs will NEVER be musclebound enough to fill up the skin there. Regardless, I feel stronger and more confident in my body. That is success in my book.

I’m…not sure what to do next. Anybody have another DVD series recommendation? My current routine where I get up and do them first thing in the morning is really working for me – I feel better and more energetic each day I do them, which is a motivator and has helped me not skip, almost ever. If I’m physically capable of doing my workout, I do it because I know I’ll feel even better.

So what workout do you swear by? Where should I look next? I’m mostly looking for something I can do at home before work, so not too long either! I can do 30-40 minutes, but 60 or above is not feasible. Hit me!


One Response to “Ripped in 30(ish)”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Hi Laina,

    So happy to see you enjoyed the DVDs. Are you set on doing stuff at home? If not, I would recommend using a Groupon or Living Social deal for a local “bootcamp” type early AM class. They can be very fun and very motivating. And with the coupons you can keep cost pretty low. After going to a variety of these classes you can come up with your own routines at home if you prefer home workouts. No DVD suggestions.

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