Sunshine Raspberries

I saw something new today in the produce section – Sunshine Raspberries.They appear to be a hybrid of regular red raspberries, and yellow raspberries. And beautiful to look at – gold with a shimmer of red around the edges!sunshineraspberries

I grabbed a box and when I got home I wolfed them down. I have to tell you, I find them to be the Holy Grail raspberry, based on my single taste experience. They are milder and less tart than red raspberries (the tartness is something that often leads me to avoid the red ones), and more flavorful and less bland than the yellow ones. In a word, perfection! I had to go looking online for an image though, because I ate mine too fast to get a picture.

I’m not sure if they’re widely available yet, apparently they’re a new item on the market, but I found mine at my local Safeway, so that’s a good sign for them being generally available.

Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

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3 Responses to “Sunshine Raspberries”

  1. huscarl91 Says:

    I think your husband is hoping you got enough to share!

  2. Shonnie Says:

    Those are beautiful.

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