Irony and Balance

I had to skip my regular workout this morning to go into the office for an all-day training session on work-life balance. I found this more than a little amusingly ironic.

Anyway, they can’t stop me, I’m on a roll! So I did my workout when I got home this afternoon. I noticed that I struggled a little more today than the last two days. Either morning is my most rested, best time to attack exercise, or my body is tired out and recovering from the last two days. Might be a bit of both, but I suspect that I’m more of a morning person where exercise is concerned, than an afternoon/evening person. Getting it out of the way early is how I prefer to operate, and apparently my body does too.

Something I’ve been mulling on lately is that I feel better physically when I exercise every day. As I’ve gotten older I have the regular aches and pains, and usually one part of me or another is giving me lots of trouble at a time. A few years ago it was my lower back. I finally got that squared away (spinal steroid injections FTW), and now it’s my left shoulder. The problem with the left shoulder issue is that often if I don’t do something about it, the pain will spread up my neck and trigger a migraine. You guys know I struggle with migraines already WAY TOO MUCH. I don’t really need this extra trigger. Fortunately exercising every day seems to keep the pain down, getting the blood and muscles moving really helps. Extra motivation for sure!!

Food has been great lately too. Even today – though I was in a training session all day, and they brought in lunch, it was something pretty darned healthy – salad, steamed veggies, rice, and chicken breast in mushroom sauce (I skipped the rice – to me that’s empty calories). Nice surprise to find such healthy options from a catered meal! My company has (finally) started moving away from pizza and burritos as default meal options for working lunches, and I really applaud the move!


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