Focus, Focus

This week I’ve started the Ripped in 30 DVD over again at Week 1. However, because I understand that if you do the same thing for exercise over and over your body will adapt and stop improving, I upped my hand weights from 5 pounds each to 10 pounds each on most of the moves. There are some moves where I have to switch to the 5 pounders (rows, front arm lifts – those are small shoulder muscles), but everything else I’m using 10 pounds in each hand.

I’m doing knees-down pushups, and modifying the side-plank hip lifts with the bottom leg bent and on the floor, but I’m still building muscle nonetheless, if my soreness this morning from yesterday is any indication.

I’ve decided I’ll spend the next 4 weeks doing this DVD again with higher weights and see where I go from there. I still enjoy the other workout DVDs I have, but I’m using them as a palate-cleanser lately – when I get bored with this workout I’ll pop one of those in to switch it up a little. Overall I think these Jillian 3-2-1 program DVDs are the best way for me to pack a full-body workout into a quick 20-30 minute session. That’s a workout that I can find time for every day, and still feel my whole body has been worked over by the end.


Glamming it up!

I plan to do this kind of workout 4 to 5 mornings per week. This week I’ve done two already and it’s only Tuesday! The best motivator is getting results, and I’m definitely seeing them. My arms, chest, shoulders, legs – let’s just say everywhere. I’m seeing better muscle mass and definition all over.

I’ve also recommitted to tracking my intake on MyFitnessPal. I tend to fall on and off that wagon. Sometimes my food intake is so repetitive and predictable that it’s not really worth noting. Other times I want to get a window into what’s really going on if I’ve let things get a bit lax. I’m putting my workouts in as “Circuit training,” I’m not really sure how else to categorize them.

This weekend my husband and I had a glam evening out with some friends. I was very happy to find that I can still wear my fanciest evening gown – I hadn’t put it on for about a year and a half so I was worried a little! I definitely credit my regular workouts and food tracking to keeping everything in check! It may be boring, it may be repetitive, but it’s effective and it beats the alternative.


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