Business Trips, Treadmills, and Kettlebells, Oh My!

Last night I got home from a business trip to Portland, OR. I manged to get in a workout both nights I was there, even though I had to go pretty late for me – after dinner and other work obligations I didn’t get to the gym until 9:30pm or so both nights. I don’t mind though – I feel better when I work out and I like a deserted gym. If I don’t work out my body starts aching and reminding me I’m getting old. Better to just get it done! Anyway, I didn’t feel like making up my own weights or circuit training routine after long days of meetings so I just ran on the treadmill for a half hour each night and called it good.

Food on business trips can be tricky, and this trip was no different, but I managed my morning oatmeal each day, avoided the meeting-room donuts (they used to be cryptonite for me but now I just remind myself how gross I feel physically when I eat that much sugar and it’s easy to pass), did my best to limit my portions at lunch since the catered lunch was always sandwiches and chips and cookies (passed on the last two, obviously), and worked on only eating until I was satisfied – not full – for dinner.

This morning at home again I did the kettlebell workout for the second time and upped my handweight to 10 lbs (I would have gone to 8 but I didn’t have an 8 lb weight on hand). Most of the swings and presses were no problem, but I expect to be sore in both my legs AND my arms tomorrow. I worked more on form today so I am really feeling it in my hips and quads already – they’re a little shaky right now. Sign of a good workout!

Maintenance – just one long journal entry about exercise and diet. I’d like to come up with some kind of useful insight or inspiration occasionally but I think this is it – it’s a long slog, and staying the course can be made easier with variation and shooting for small improvements.


One Response to “Business Trips, Treadmills, and Kettlebells, Oh My!”

  1. Melinda Says:

    i could not agree with you more on the maintenance front. Changing it up and finding a variety of fitness options that keep you moving, engaged and challenged is key for the long haul.

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