Mostly Cardio Involving Abs

Friday and today I did a new DVD, yes, it’s another Jillian one, her Six Week Six Pack. Normally I don’t gravitate towards workouts that are targeted to a single body part, such as Buns of Steel or Insane Abs or whatever other flavor-of-the-week workout is going. I fall squarely into the “abs are made in the kitchen not the gym” camp – if I want kickass abs I need to burn away the fat around my abs before I worry about bulking them up.

But, I know that this trainer feels the same way so I gave it a shot, figuring it would be a hardcore cardio workout that just happened to have a few more ab moves than normal. I was correct. Friday when I did it the first time I was left with just the right level of soreness in my arms, chest, shoulders, abs and obliques. Even though there were a couple of moves I either flat out couldn’t do (room to improve!) or did pathetically (I’m looking at you, side planks), I was sweating a river. You know it’s a serious workout when you’re looking forward to the plank-jacks as a rest period. (Looking back, plank-jacks were something that damn near killed me in February when I first encountered them in one of her workouts – that’s some very clear improvement).


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  1. hollieonamission Says:

    I am so inspired by you! I have nominated you for a blogging award! Check out my latest post for more info! x

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