Powering Up for My Workout

Here’s a topic that was suggested to me: How do I fuel up/prepare for my workout?

Here’s my answer, which is going to disappoint so many fitness products companies!

Each morning I eat oats with some brown sugar for breakfast, along with a cup of coffe with a dollop of half-and-half and splenda. Then I think about which workout I want to do, while checking my email and social media sites. I power up my work computer, then I start prepping for exercise. Here are the things I need to do:

1. Put on my workout shorts and sports bra.

2. Running socks and shoes.

3. Contact lenses. Can’t workout without them!

4. Grab a towel because I tend to sweat a lot.

Then I head downstairs, and decide whether or not I need to lay down a yoga mat for the workout I’ll be doing. I also grab my weights off the shelf, then I fire up the ol’ TV/DVD Player combo, hit “Play” on the workout I’ve selected, and go at it as hard as I can.

I don’t eat any special nutritional supplements, I don’t do any special stretching (stretching is best done once the body is warm anyway – most good DVD workouts will include some in the cooldown phase), I don’t eat any specially-formulated fitness foods. If I’m doing my workout at a different time of day, I will eat something like a banana or some other kind of fruit about 20 minutes before because if I try to work out on an empty stomach hard experience has shown me that I will bonk, and then it’s basically a wasted workout.

What I’m hoping is clear here is that you don’t need any special products to work out. Just the will to do it, some good shoes, and whatever type of exercise gets you moving several times a week.


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