Leveling Up, and Which Way to the Beach?


“That way to the beach.”

This morning I leveled up to Week 4 of Jillian’s Ripped in 30. I can tell that this is definitely going to be a hardcore module, however since it was my first day I had to spend the first 10 seconds of several of the moves figuring out what I was supposed to be doing. I suspect that Wednesday when I do it next I’ll be working the hardest I have so far. I will let you know if I’m sore after today, I’d be surprised because many of the moves were complicated enough that I felt like I needed more time just to figure them out, but they’re definitely going to be doing the job they’re intended for (making me sweat, grunt, and curse all at the same time).

Last night after I got out of the shower (before getting ready to go out with friends) I started doing some bodybuilder poses for my husband, just being silly and to see if we could see any results whatsoever. You know the bodybuilder poses, right? There’s the “Hey, which way to the beach?” pose… (When I do this pose I point with the front arm and grunt out, “That way!”


“6 PM on the nose, ma’am.”

And then there’s the “What time is it?” pose… That’s some hardcore watch checking!

And finally, everyone’s favorite, “Hey, look at this pouch I found!”

Anyway, I didn’t look like these guys, but he DID note an obvious change in my physique. When I flex it is wholly obvious that I’m building some muscle mass in my arms, shoulders, chest, traps, and legs. I was kind of surprised to see some of the muscles pop out that did.


“This pouch, is it not sparkly?”

My legs are always going to be difficult to see changes because I have such a large amount of excess skin and cellulite (exacerbated by there being too much skin) due to my weight loss, but even there I could see quad muscles shaping up in there underneath it all. My arms have the same issue, however I could see my triceps starting to make an appearance on the outside. when I press my palms together and press.

(And finally, everyone say it with me – UGH I hate how WordPress handles image files. Ugh.)


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