Work(out) Schedule Juggling

Really quick update today. I’ve been apprehensive about how this week was going to go because I need to actually be in the office for work every day from Monday to Friday – completely upsetting my routine apple-cart! Over the last 6 months I’ve been working from home exclusively and doing my workouts in the morning, but sometimes they need me there in person to test stuff I’ve designed or collaborate with people who are building my designs. Hence this week, and my apprehension about my inability to do my workouts, and worry that with entertaining out-of-town co-workers I wouldn’t have time to exercise at all!

Yesterday went about as well as I could have hoped. I got into the office early, worked all day heads-down with my team, and got home around 4:30pm, with the understanding that I’d meet up with them for dinner at 7pm. That gave me just enough time to do my Jillian workout DVD (25 minutes), hit the shower, then practice my trumpet for 40 minutes before touching up my makeup and heading out to dinner, where I ordered an appetizer and soup for dinner.

I’m very pleased with how I managed yesterday and I’m looking forward to continuing this pattern of good problem-solving for the rest of the week. How’s your week going?


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