Week 3 Things I Couldn’t Even

I did Week 3 of the Ripped in 30 DVD again, which I’m totally loving. I don’t know if I mentioned it here or only on Twitter, but Week 3 is a big step up in difficulty from Weeks 1 and 2. I will probably be staying on this one for a while. She really pounds the shoulders and triceps on this one, and I’ve been good and sore since Wednesday when I did it for the first time.

I’m not even going to start to list the moves that I couldn’t even. Suffice it to say, a downward dog pushup is a stretch goal for me, I can get maybe an inch or two of movement there before my muscles fail and I fall on my head. So I’ll keep doing this week until I feel like I’ve gotten some improvement and increased range of motion on the moves that are currently killing me. I did do better today than Wednesday though, mostly because I didn’t have to spend as much time trying to understand what I supposed to be doing. I was able to spend more time failing to do what I was supposed to be doing, so that’s a step up!

My husband was working from home today too, and after my workout, as I was standing there dripping sweat, he pointed out that my abs were starting to form into a six pack. That’s not quite true – what he was seeing was two parallel ridges of muscle down the front of my torso, which aren’t new but which are now becoming more prominent. It’s less like a 6-pack of soda cans, and more like two bottles of wine standing next to each other. It’s a two pack! Of wine! Classy!


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