DVD Review: Bob Harper Hates Your Guts

That’s not actually the name of the DVD, but it might as well be. It’s actually called Bob Harper Body Rev Cardio Conditioning. There’s also a sub-title: “Inside Out Method.” I’ve done two of his DVDs so far and I still have no idea what this means, or what defines this Inside Out method. He never mentions it.

It’s a full hour of hardcore cardio, just like the other one I did. Great for a Monday morning to start my week off strong. I’m not sure which one was filmed first, but Bob continues his efforts from last time at being a total dick. Yes, of course, when somebody’s asking you to do things that are uncomfortable there is a natural instinct to think unkind things about them. But he kind of goes above and beyond, by tormenting his backup dancers to failure in some cases. Now, one of them makes a rookie mistake, when he asks her if she’s “feeling it” in her legs she says “No.” Who does that?? That’s like demanding a giant target on your forehead.  He really ratcheted up the dickishness after that. There was also, like last time, the token male backup dancer who couldn’t even. That makes me happy, because on some of the moves I couldn’t even either.

I often think, when I’m watching these videos, that the backup dancers sometimes put up with a lot of BS that I wouldn’t. Now, obviously, they are getting paid to be there and yes, I will put up with more BS when I’m being paid. But after doing his home workouts I would certainly never invite him to my house for a workout and I would absolutely not pay him for a workout, like at a gym or fitness studio or something. I have strong boundaries about how I am willing to let people treat me, and even stronger ones about how I’m willing to be treated by people I’m paying. So hey, Bob, just FYI, you won’t be seeing me in person for a workout ever. Since I know you were staying up nights wondering.

In good news, he seems to have figured out that the lying tactic he tried before towards the end is a no-go, and stopped doing that. However, he starts the DVD with a little several-minutes-long pep talk and that’s unnecessary, and would get annoying if I were doing his workout multiple times per week. Obviously if I’m watching it I’m ready to work, I don’t need to be talked into it.

And finally, I feel like the level is about the same as the last one, I did need to take the modifiers on several moves (I’m never gonna be able to do a full pushup, it’s just a fact of my body), but I overall kept up and burned hard through the whole thing. There were a lot fewer lunges than the other DVD, but plenty of squats with his moves, and you can work them lower or higher depending on your ability, obviously. There are the holds in squat poses, and there are jumps, so it allows you to really work every type of movement and muscle. My workout clothes were soaked through by the end.

Bottom line: Hard workout, lots of pushup moves, planks, legs, and dickish behavior by the trainer. It’s got it all!

Will I do it again: Yeah, probably. Despite my grousing, it’s a good workout.


One Response to “DVD Review: Bob Harper Hates Your Guts”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Glad to see you using the DVDs.

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