Not the Result I Was Looking For

Pretty discouraged today. Of course, I probably shouldn’t have stayed up until 2:30AM last night binge-watching Broadchurch.

This morning I weighed in to find that all my hard work on the 30 Day Shred program I’ve been doing has resulted in a gain of 3 pounds. I was already as high as I wanted to go! I know, I know, it could be muscle but that seems extremely unlikely that I’d create 3 pounds of muscle in a week and a half. It’s more likely water retention, as I am SO SORE right now. I did Level 2 two days in a row despite soreness in my shoulders after the initial day of it, and WOW I AM EVEN MORE SORE TODAY. My shoulders, arms, and neck are killing me today. It’s seems to be common knowledge in the fitness community (by which I mean the internet) that sore muscles retain water, and after a hard workout you can retain 2-5 pounds of water in your sore muscles. So, that’s what I’m hoping is going on.

Anyway, knowing intellectually what is going on doesn’t really blunt the visceral disappointment of working so incredibly hard and seeing a goddamned gain for your efforts. The injustice! The humanity! The disappointment! And other dramatic exclamations.

Also, a quick scan of the fitness community (read: the internet) informs me that I probably ought to lay off today, as I am sore enough that my form and range of motion would be compromised if I tried anyway, which is dangerous. A stroll around the neighborhood this afternoon is probably the right speed for me.

Ugh. *Sigh* Why is everything so complicated and annoying?


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