Day 6 of the 30 Day Shred

I’ve continued doing the 30 Day Shred workout since my last post almost every day. I skipped yesterday because we went for a long hike, but I’m back at it today – Day 6. I’m still doing Level 1, but I think one more day at Level 1 (tomorrow) and I’ll move to Level 2.

I swear half the fun of the workout is my cats. They are incredibly helpful! When I’m doing pushups they make a game of running under my body. When I’m doing abs they like to supervise closely, sometimes running across me. When I lay down a towel for my head during abs the minute I get up the little girl kitty will attack the towel and wrap it up to kick at with her hind legs (so it’s a game for me to try to get it first). When I set my hand weights down the little boy kitty attacks them – the rubber coating on it seems to alternately fascinate and infuriate him so he has to bite it.

I can’t say I’m seeing any change in my body yet, but it has only been a week. I may be imagining a slightly tighter abdomen, but it could just be optimism and rose-colored glasses wanting to see something for all my work.

It is getting, if not easier, then more tolerable. I’m still working incredibly hard, I still sweat buckets and I’m definitely getting a hard workout. I’m able to work up to the more “advanced” effort exercises most of the time (I’m never going to be someone who can do push-ups from the toes, and I’m ok with that – hey, today I was able to keep doing pushups the whole time for the first time), and my endurance is definitely coming up. I’m pleased. I’d recommend this program for anybody who has physical ability to do a hard, challenging workout. It’s definitely the most difficult workout I’ve ever done. I’m enjoying it.


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