DVD Review: 30-Day Shred

You guys know that I usually run for my regular exercise. Well, Saturday it was pouring down rain so I finally unwrapped a workout DVD I’d purchased several months back for just this purpose. I’d read good reviews of Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred program, so it seemed worth a try for somebody who is already a Pretty Big Loser. (ha! See what I did there?)

First off, the plan is that you do this workout every day for 30 days. It’s a short 20-minute workout, so most people should be able to find the time to work that in every day. Theoretically. There are 3 levels of workouts, and I started with Level 1, with the intention of doing it progressively more vigorously for several days/weeks before moving to Level 2, then Level 3. There is a somebody to watch and emulate whether you’re doing easier or harder versions of the moves (I stuck with easier, obviously, for the first time).


Pre-workout selfie. Ready to shred!

You need some hand weights (I used 5 pounders), and the workout consists of a short warm up, then 3 circuits of:

  • 3 minutes of strength
  • 2 minutes of cardio
  • 1 minute of abs

Then a short cool down and you’re done. But when you’re working it, you are not resting ever and it is a TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH workout. I followed the lady doing the “easier” workout for beginners and I indeed felt shredded by the end. For somebody who can run 5 miles at the drop of a hat, I thought I was in pretty good shape to start with. I was nowhere near ready for this workout. Twenty minutes and I was completely soaked with sweat. Which led to…


Post-workout selfie. Soaked and dripping in just 20 minutes.

Two straight days of muscular agony. I’m not kidding, I was so incredibly sore on Sunday that going to the bathroom was a painful prospect as the sitting motion caused me to physically moan. SO SORE. Every part of me was sore – legs, arms, abs, chest, hell I think even my jaw was sore Monday morning.

I did it again today, and I suspect that my body will have adapted, and also I was more aware of taking it a little bit easier than I had, so I don’t expect to be as sore tomorrow. Which is good because I can’t live like that. Which brings me to…

You’re supposed to do it every day for 30 days (it’s only 20 minutes!) to see best results but dear god – I’m not ready to die. Maybe after the initial workout and two days of soreness I’m now ready to do it every day, I’ll know better tomorrow.


My intrepid assistants.

And finally – my kitties were on the job helping me every step of the way. Grabbing my butt while I squatted, standing on my abs while I crunched, and wrapping themselves around my arm while I lifted. Today they added a new trick of attacking my towel if I left it on the ground. I highly recommend feline assistants with this workout.

So, in sum: This is a good, hard, quick workout that will kick your butt. I don’t expect to lose any weight, because that’s not what working out is for, but if soreness is truly weakness leaving the body, I expect to be stronger ASAP! And I’m going to keep using this workout because there’s no question in my mind it’s doing what I need it to do.


2 Responses to “DVD Review: 30-Day Shred”

  1. balutakat Says:

    I’m tentatively ready to start lifting again, the yoga every day thing I think has me flexible enough to not tear anything at this point. But this dvd sounds a bit beyond me as of yet. I’ll poke around for a “recovering from injury” or something style. Still, always love reading your blog. And I will remember to get cat helper to sleep nearby. If she can jump up on the counter at 72, by gum, I’m gonna get fit too.

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