Eat This Much (dot com)

I was googling around this afternoon based on a question that John asked (OMG how much do I love getting questions from readers??? THIS MUCH!). He wanted to know if I knew of any apps that allow you to plan what you’re going to eat then check it off, basically, as you go through the day. This is something I’ve always done with a pen and paper, but it really seems like something that would be ripe for an app, you know?

Well, I didn’t find anything exactly like that, but in the process of looking I found – check it out! You put in how many calories you want to eat for the day (based on your height/weight/activity level), in how many meals, and then what general type of food plan you’d like to follow (anything/atkins/paleo/vegetarian/Mediterranean). Hit “Generate” and it generates a recommended menu for your day! How cool is that?!

Also, if you create a free account they allow you to customize the type of food plan you’d like to follow, and also what foods you like/don’t like to have on your menu. I got a decent plan with several of the food plan options – although I wasn’t impressed with the “anything” type plan, others looked pretty reasonable, like vegetarian or the paleo menus. And lots of the variables are editable with a free account.

So…check it out if you’re into that sort of thing!


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