Don’t Call it a Comeback!

Welcome 2015, time to lose some weight/get fit/change your life. Or not.

I’ve been thinking on resolutions, because it’s the time of year when you do. I don’t generally make resolutions, but I do change my behavior a bit, and it’s nothing to do with the annual mass delusion we all sometimes harbor about changing our life for realz this time!

It’s just that…the Festive Eating Season is over now. It’s so much easier to refocus on eating right and exercising now that there isn’t a big derailing event every other day. During the holiday season we’re all confronted with snacks, treats, adult beverages, desserts, and temptations almost every day. Parties, gatherings, feasts, in-laws, co-workers, food pushers, oh my! Even the most hardcore, will-power fueled, motivated weight management expert will break down and indulge occasionally (or more than occasionally…).

But now it’s January and all those treats have (mostly) disappeared from the food landscape. Back to business! Back to eating right without all those cookies and cakes sitting around to derail our every effort. Back to exercising and hydrating and eating our veggies and lean proteins.

It’s not a resolution, it’s just how it is. I find it a bit of a relief, personally. I weighed myself this morning. First time in about 6 months. Could have been worse, but I’m not worrying because I know that the Festive Eating Season is finally behind us again. So long, and thanks for all the cookies!


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