Winter Exercise (without the gym)

My engagement as a freelance content creator for GYFT has ended as they have decided to move all writing in-house, so I will likely be posting here a little more often.

In fact, here’s an article I wrote for them that they have, apparently, decided not to post. So you get to read it here instead. Also, now is a good time for this reminder!

7 Ways to Workout in the Winter (without the gym!)

As winter begins it becomes more challenging to get exercise in. You may prefer to exercise outdoors, but now that the days are getting short and cold, you’ll need a plan to get your exercise indoors. The gym is an obvious default, but if you hate the gym like me, you need something else to keep your interest through the winter months. So, here’s a list of indoor exercise options :

  • Take a dance class. So many options! Beginner belly dance? West Coast Swing? Ballroom dancing might be even more aerobic!
  • Find a yoga or pilates studio you like. Yoga is especially great because it can leave you feeling blissful in addition to a kickass workout!
  • Do a workout video in your living room. DoYogaWithMe has a huge selection at a wide variety of levels for free.  Netflix also has workouts, on both DVD and streaming! Put in “pilates”, “workout” or “zumba” on the search bar and get a nice selection to last the winter. You can also sometimes find them at your local library, or buy them on Amazon.
  • Walk at the mall. Chances are you have a mall near you with acres of wide open indoor walking space, usually open to the public until 9pm. A couple of laps around the mall can have you walking for up to an hour, if it’s a big one.
  • Wii Fit and various varieties of Wii Fitness games. If you have a Wii or other game console, you probably have fitness options.
  • A set of exercise bands make a portable gym. These are great for travel, too – I once backpacked through Scotland for a month turning free time and an empty hostel room into a workout every few days.
  • Pick up a set of used free weights for cheap (always buy weights used, it’s not like they wear out!) and you can do a strength training routine in the living room.

Consider making a deal with yourself to try new things all winter long. That will keep it fresh and interesting!


One Response to “Winter Exercise (without the gym)”

  1. woodlandwhimsy Says:

    Thank you for sharing the Do Yoga With Me link. I usually just do my own thing, but sometimes it is nice to check out and practice with someone else, even if it is just a video.

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