Running in the Rain

I went for a run in the rain today. I’d meant to go for a run yesterday afternoon, but I was derailed by a migraine. So I kept my promise to myself and ran today despite the rain, and it was really lovely. It’s not like I care if I get wet – by the time I’ve finished a run I’m soaked in sweat anyway and need a shower, so what does it matter if a little rain water gets on me?

It’s still raining now, and boy do we need it here in Northern California. I hope it’s still raining tomorrow, maybe I’ll run in it again.

I’ve been slowly working my way back to running after a few weeks off due to an injury I sustained on my last business trip to Denver, Colorado. I fainted and bounced my head off a brick wall. That sounds really bad but it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.* It’s worse than ideal though. In any case, I was on a concussion watch and had a lot of headaches for a while there. All clear now, so I’m easing back into running. Rain isn’t going to stop me.

*Apparently it’s not all that uncommon for people visiting from lower elevations to occasionally have some trouble with the thinner air. Add in the constant travel schedule I had in October for some dehydration and just not taking care of myself by ratcheting down my workout at the hotel gym and…well…


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