Things I Do To Maintain (last set)

Here are the last set of articles in my series on How I Maintain over on GYFT.

#7: Never Stop Journaling

#8: Get Cozy with Food Labels

#9: Own the Festive Eating Season

#10: Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8

I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to leave feedback either there or here.

In other news, I’ve got a big month of business travel coming up in October – at least three of four weeks on the road, maybe more –  so I’ll get lots of chances to practice what I preach about healthy behaviors while traveling!


Business Trip Success

I just got back from a 5-day business trip to Atlanta, GA. As with most business trips, I had very little input into restaurant selections (I was there with a team, and working closely with the local team in Atlanta – hence, communal decisions in an area where I didn’t know the restaurant landscape), not much free time, and WAY early mornings.

I managed to lose a half a pound. In my book that’s a weight management WIN. Here’s what I did:

  • Hit the gym every single day. After I finished my work in the office for the day, but before dinner with the team there was usually at least an hour where I could go get good and sweaty, so I did. Most business-level hotels have some sort of fitness center. I was staying at the InterContinental Buckhead in Atlanta and they have a GREAT gym. As an added incentive, their fitness center had a bowl of ripe, inviting apples on the table where the towels and water sat, and I grabbed one every day after my workout to have as a mid-morning snack the next day. Since I knew I’d need some kind of snack around 10am every day, and an apple was perfect, I made it a policy to work out every day to “earn” my apple.
This is actually a thing!
This is actually a thing!
  • Ate breakfast every day, and stuck with my usual – oatmeal and coffee. I located a coffee shop down the road from my hotel where I could get both before the daily meetings started.
  • Chose wisely off the restaurant menus. Soup and salad is a good standby- it’s hard to go wrong, and it’s always enough food. One day everybody wanted to hit a burger joint, but I found a shrimp burger on the menu, which was perfect! Avoiding side orders, appetizers, free bread, and desserts is another wise choice I made every chance I had.
  • One splurge – at the Cupcake ATM. Well, life isn’t all discipline and rules! —->
  • Even with that cupcake I chose a sugar-free version. Although, thinking about it, I honestly have no idea how they made that red velvet cupcake sugar free. Stevia? Splenda? Something else? WHAT DID I JUST EAT?? Ah well, no sense worrying about it now, and it was delicious!
  • Recorded my every bite in my food journal. My numbers said I should have balanced out, and so did the scale. I love it when it works out like it’s supposed to!

Back to the grind today. I need to go for a run today in the great outdoors. Gyms are great in a pinch but I chafe at the monotony.

Exercise: Like It, or Do It Anyway

A friend asked me at a party last night if I liked exercising, presumably because I do it so often. I answered off the top of my head that I considered it to be something that I needed to do, akin to brushing my teeth or going to work every day. Something that I needed to get done every day so it didn’t really matter if I liked it or not, it needed to be done.

But, also, now that I think about it, it’s one of those things that I need to do because if I don’t I know I will feel worse. Physically, yes, because my body starts in with the aches and pains pretty quickly if I neglect regular exercise. But mentally as well, and that’s a big part of the conditioning that keeps me at it. I know that if I don’t exercise regularly I will be disappointed in myself, and I will probably have a soundtrack that will start to berate me for my neglect, and that’s no fun. I tend toward depression, so work pretty hard at keeping a positive mental space and so if one of the things I have to do to keep things positive in my head is exercise regularly, it’s worth it.

Three more of my little articles on maintaining a weight loss got posted this week over on GYFT. I hope you enjoy them:

#4: Change it up and modify the environment

#5: Getting exercise done (when you may not feel like it)

#6: Maintenance: It’s not a straight line

Last three are coming up next week and then I’d better think of some new article ideas!

So, back to my original topic: if you’ve been maintaining a loss, do you like exercising? Is it something you’ve discovered a passion for, or something you do to get it done and get on with your day?