Cross-Posting Because I Care

I wrote a series of 10 articles to kick off my tenure at GYFT, “10 Things I Did to Lose 200 Pounds,” a collection of ideas and skills I used to drop a whole lot of weight:

1: Stop Thinking I Knew Everything

2: Get Help

3: Clean Up My Act

4: Write It Down

5: Learn What Exercise is For, and What It’s Not

6: Try New Fruits and Veggies

7: Have a Daily Strategy

8: Say Yes to Exercise

9: Learn to Eat in Restaurants

10: Become My Own Drill Sergeant

It’s not a comprehensive list, obviously, but a good start. I’m working on my next 10-article series now, 10 Things I Do to Keep It Off. I hope I don’t start sounding like a broken record! Let me know if you like them, and which ones you think resonate the most with you and your experiences!


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