Accidental Distance

I accidentally ran 6 and a half miles last night. Which is about 3 miles more than the run I’d planned. The longest run I’d done in the last year was 4 miles, and that was on Tuesday! “So, how does that happen?” I hear you say.

Well, I usually plot out mentally the route I plan to run. I did that last night, but as I got started I was feeling really good, and I thought, instead of the usual first turn I make, maybe I’ll head up to the big hill from my walking route on Monday, and use that as a challenge to see if I can get all the way up that hill without stopping. I had, for some reason, forgotten just how far it was to get to that hill. But at that point I was committed. I wasn’t going to turn home without reaching that hill, dammit! In good news, I did make it up that hill without stopping. I’m not saying I didn’t slow down, though!

And of course, once I’d gotten to the top of that hill I had to get home again. Mostly downhill, but about 3 miles to get back. When I got home I plotted out the course, and yeah, longer distance than I’ve done in years, with an added steep hill. I feel pretty good about that. My body is feeling a little sluggish today. I may do another walk tonight, depending on what my husband is up for, as my body probably needs a rest. I definitely pushed it yesterday, but I hear that’s good to do now and again.

Weigh-in this morning: 191.


2 Responses to “Accidental Distance”

  1. Cathie Says:

    Great job, Laina! Two running records in a single week!

  2. nightbocci Says:

    Great job, Laina! You’ve set two running records in a single week!

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