This week, exercise is my hobby.

I’ve decided to focus extra-hard on exercise this week. For the last month or so I’ve been doing what had worked for so long to maintain, but not losing the extra pounds I picked up on vacation. Obviously I need to do something different, so I’ve decided that every night this week I will workout extra hard, and take the time I need to make sure that I do. I started tonight with a 2 hour walk, about 6.5 miles, with a big hill in the middle.

I may even decline social occasions to focus on this every night, but the realization that I need to change things, and work extra hard, has given me the resolve to see this through. For this week, exercise is my hobby. I want to see if this will accomplish the goal I’ve had since May but haven’t been seeing  any progress. I was thinking that by following the same eating plan I had been following before vacation, and fitting in exercise where I could, usually running 3 days a week, I would slowly drop back down to my pre-vacation weight. I haven’t gotten anywhere with that, so I’m trying something different – a temporary push to force my body to do something.

It’s certainly not my goal to exercise at a higher level of intensity and/or duration for the rest of my life. I suspect that once I’ve gotten these pounds off I can go back to the previous levels of effort at which I was maintaining just fine before my vacation in May.

So…here we go!

This morning’s weight: 194.


One Response to “This week, exercise is my hobby.”

  1. Karen P Says:

    Good luck! I’ve found losing weight and maintaining around goal weight to be both slow and hugely dependent upon food quality and carb intake.

    Here’s to finding what works.

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