Migraine Hell

Well it’s been a while. Since I last posted I went to Hawaii for work, came home without gaining anything (huzzah!). I had a 40th birthday party (also managed not to gain anything – huzzah!), got two polydactyl kittens (OMG SO CUTE), marched in a parade, and had a little staycation at home. Bounced up a couple pounds. Working on getting back down again.

This is all complicated by the fact that my migraines seem to be ramping up again. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had more days with headaches than without. I went to see my doc today because I’ve had one for the last 3 days. They gave me a shot of toradol, but it’s been about an hour now and it hasn’t worked yet. I think I had it once before and it didn’t work then either. I’ve been advised to go to the ER if it doesn’t work, but jeez, that’s the last place I want to spend my time.

Anyway, it’s hard to maintain the level of exercise I’d like to be getting with my head in a vise. It just doesn’t work. It hurts, and when I exercise and get my blood pumping hard it hurts worse. Right now I’m so sick of my head hurting I’d seriously consider cutting the damned thing off if it weren’t marginally important.

I’ve got a CT scan scheduled for Monday, but that’s not really going to help anything. Seems like we’re kind of at a dead end. Maybe I need a new doctor.

I’ve tried just about everything so far. Please don’t even start if you’re going to tell me about some miracle cure you know – believe me I’ve tried it. I’ve been suffering for almost 20 years now. Don’t insult us both by assuming this isn’t important enough to me that I haven’t tried everything out there.


One Response to “Migraine Hell”

  1. Noxie Says:

    sorry to hear about your migraines. I suffer from them also.

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