I’m on Twitter now!

I just set up a Twitter profile, I’m @LainaWorth. I expect to share articles, stories, and updates about health, fitness, etc. You know, the stuff I do here anyway. If you’re on twitter I’d be honored if you follow me. I’ll try to keep it topical and generally not bore you. Give me a few days to get my bearings though!

Oh – and last night was a disaster. Apparently my body needed to rest after my epic run on Wednesday, and all I managed was a 30-minute walk, and even that was miserable. So…hopefully tonight I will be ready to rock again.


Accidental Distance

I accidentally ran 6 and a half miles last night. Which is about 3 miles more than the run I’d planned. The longest run I’d done in the last year was 4 miles, and that was on Tuesday! “So, how does that happen?” I hear you say.

Well, I usually plot out mentally the route I plan to run. I did that last night, but as I got started I was feeling really good, and I thought, instead of the usual first turn I make, maybe I’ll head up to the big hill from my walking route on Monday, and use that as a challenge to see if I can get all the way up that hill without stopping. I had, for some reason, forgotten just how far it was to get to that hill. But at that point I was committed. I wasn’t going to turn home without reaching that hill, dammit! In good news, I did make it up that hill without stopping. I’m not saying I didn’t slow down, though!

And of course, once I’d gotten to the top of that hill I had to get home again. Mostly downhill, but about 3 miles to get back. When I got home I plotted out the course, and yeah, longer distance than I’ve done in years, with an added steep hill. I feel pretty good about that. My body is feeling a little sluggish today. I may do another walk tonight, depending on what my husband is up for, as my body probably needs a rest. I definitely pushed it yesterday, but I hear that’s good to do now and again.

Weigh-in this morning: 191.

Good Run Last Night

As I mentioned last time, exercise is my hobby this week. It’s what I’m doing every evening this week, getting my body back in the swing of things. Last night I went for a run, 4 miles, which is longer than I’ve run in months. And when I say run, I mean more of what you might consider to be slow jogging. My friend Denise calls this “slogging.” Works for me, I’ve always taken the view that the fact that I’m doing it is all that matters – I may not be fast, I may not be picturesque, but I’m doing it. That’s all it takes, you get points for trying in this game.

I’ve had two mornings now without pain. The keys seem to be 1. no alcohol, 2. vigorous exercise, and 3. sleep on my back (instead of on my side, which is how I’ve been sleeping for years). My current theory is that sleeping on my left side, as I have been, has been causing strain on my left shoulder and neck, and I know that the neck pain I’ve been having has been triggering a lot of my migraines. So I’m hoping that this new sleeping position might help at least cut down on the migraines triggered by that. Of course, I only have two days of data so far, but I’m quietly optimistic that this can help.

In other news, I’m in early talks to write some articles for a fitness web site that will be launching soon. They’ve assured me I can cross-post so that shouldn’t mean a drop in posts here, but we’ll see how it goes.

This morning’s weigh-in: 192.5

This week, exercise is my hobby.

I’ve decided to focus extra-hard on exercise this week. For the last month or so I’ve been doing what had worked for so long to maintain, but not losing the extra pounds I picked up on vacation. Obviously I need to do something different, so I’ve decided that every night this week I will workout extra hard, and take the time I need to make sure that I do. I started tonight with a 2 hour walk, about 6.5 miles, with a big hill in the middle.

I may even decline social occasions to focus on this every night, but the realization that I need to change things, and work extra hard, has given me the resolve to see this through. For this week, exercise is my hobby. I want to see if this will accomplish the goal I’ve had since May but haven’t been seeingĀ  any progress. I was thinking that by following the same eating plan I had been following before vacation, and fitting in exercise where I could, usually running 3 days a week, I would slowly drop back down to my pre-vacation weight. I haven’t gotten anywhere with that, so I’m trying something different – a temporary push to force my body to do something.

It’s certainly not my goal to exercise at a higher level of intensity and/or duration for the rest of my life. I suspect that once I’ve gotten these pounds off I can go back to the previous levels of effort at which I was maintaining just fine before my vacation in May.

So…here we go!

This morning’s weight: 194.

Migraine Hell

Well it’s been a while. Since I last posted I went to Hawaii for work, came home without gaining anything (huzzah!). I had a 40th birthday party (also managed not to gain anything – huzzah!), got two polydactyl kittens (OMG SO CUTE), marched in a parade, and had a little staycation at home. Bounced up a couple pounds. Working on getting back down again.

This is all complicated by the fact that my migraines seem to be ramping up again. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had more days with headaches than without. I went to see my doc today because I’ve had one for the last 3 days. They gave me a shot of toradol, but it’s been about an hour now and it hasn’t worked yet. I think I had it once before and it didn’t work then either. I’ve been advised to go to the ER if it doesn’t work, but jeez, that’s the last place I want to spend my time.

Anyway, it’s hard to maintain the level of exercise I’d like to be getting with my head in a vise. It just doesn’t work. It hurts, and when I exercise and get my blood pumping hard it hurts worse. Right now I’m so sick of my head hurting I’d seriously consider cutting the damned thing off if it weren’t marginally important.

I’ve got a CT scan scheduled for Monday, but that’s not really going to help anything. Seems like we’re kind of at a dead end. Maybe I need a new doctor.

I’ve tried just about everything so far. Please don’t even start if you’re going to tell me about some miracle cure you know – believe me I’ve tried it. I’ve been suffering for almost 20 years now. Don’t insult us both by assuming this isn’t important enough to me that I haven’t tried everything out there.