Sporadically Toning Up, and Red Velvet Apricots

Last night I dusted off an old strength training routine that I can do at home with free weights and hits all the major muscle groups. Takes about 30 minutes. I use this one every time I decide I’m going to try to tone up a bit, which is something I do sporadically every few months. Which is why I never seem to need a new routine – if you only do it every few months it never gets stale and needs changing! I know, I know, to get real results I need to be consistent but for some reason it’s easier for me to go for a run than to commit to a strength training regimen consistently.

Anyway, the impetus for this renewed interest in strength training is I’m having a big birthday party at the end of June – it’s a big one, I’ll be 40! The theme is 1974, the year of my birth, and the outfit I’ve chosen is a leopard-print halter-neck bell-bottom jumpsuit made of lycra. To say it…reveals some body imperfections might be a bit understating the matter.  I want to try to tone up a bit before wearing it! But…whether or not I manage to tone up I’ll be wearing it because I honestly don’t care if “people” judge me harshly for my body. None of my friends would, and I don’t invite people who aren’t my friends to my party. Hence…the sporadic nature of my efforts. It would be nice if I managed to tone up a bit, but it’s not really a driving motivator for me. I am a bundle of contradictions.

In other news, my husband brought home a bag of red velvet apricots last night. I’ve been munching throughout the morning, they are so delicious! I’ve never had them before!

Weight this morning: 190.0. No movement, no worries, I’m on track with eating and exercising right.


3 Responses to “Sporadically Toning Up, and Red Velvet Apricots”

  1. Laura W Says:

    Maybe you can share your routine? I’d love to have an actual plan, but I struggle with finding the exercises that will workout the whole body.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    That birthday outfit sounds fabulous – and you can certainly pull it off. The apricots also sound fabulous.

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