Migraine Hangover

Migraine hangover is totally a thing. It’s totally a thing I’m dealing with today.

Last night I had an unexpected restaurant dinner, because my sweet husband forgot to inform me until about 3pm that there was a Masonic thing followed by dinner and he wanted me to come. So I went, and I did my best on choosing food, but I may have opted for a couple of glasses of Prosecco, and so today I am paying for it. I woke up around 4am and fumbled around in the medicine cabinet looking for imitrex and since it was dark I took the 50mg by accident instead of the 100mg, so migraine was in full force still when I woke up. Shot a nasal imitrex up my nose and the headache is gone but the migraine hangover remains.

Shoulders are sore, neck aches, feeling a bit grainy and tired and stupid and cranky. That’s a migraine hangover for me.

On the other hand, I’m still dropping. This morning’s weigh in, which I didn’t want to do after eating at a restaurant last night, was 190.5. Four down, four to go. I’m developing a theory about the difference in pounds my body holds on to based on unusual foods, like baked goods which I almost never eat except in usual situations, because those seem to drop off really quickly when I return to normal eating. But of course I don’t want to rely on this knowledge to manage my weight. Just an interesting observation. To me.

I’ve also started qualifying my statements even more today because I’m getting really sick of seeing people post things like, “This thing I do is the best way to do X thing in the whole world and totally better than any other way of doing it!” while I read it and think, “That sounds like hell to me, maybe you ought to modify it to ‘This thing I do is the best way to do X thing FOR ME, ‘ ya self-centered idiot.”

Migraine hangover makes me a bit judgy, apparently.


6 Responses to “Migraine Hangover”

  1. beanolc Says:

    Oh how I hate prescriptive statements! But I’m kind of like Bruce Banner — I’m always cranky.

  2. Trystan Says:

    The thing that’s best FOR ME to do is always keep an Imitrex in a little cup on my nightstand (it’s one of those metal sauce-dipping cups like at Chinese restaurants, so perfect size) & a glass of water. Except the damn water has always run out when I really need the pill. So it doesn’t even work well FOR ME :-/

    • Laina Says:

      Ha! That’s a really good idea, and I think it might work for me too!

    • Laina Says:

      Also, if you’re curious, and because I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from, I was reacting to somebody who was rhapsodizing about how couch surfing was SO MUCH a better way to travel than staying in hotels. I was waiting for the “for me” to end that sentence but no such luck. Ugh. Couchsurfing sounds like a serious slice of HELL to me. Heck, I don’t even want to stay with friends or relatives when I’m in their town. Give me a hotel any night over staying with strangers, what a nightmare. FOR ME.

      • Trystan Says:

        Couch surfing? THE HELL. I couldn’t even take a private room in a hostel — too damn many ppl! I’m all for saving money, but I can think of 80 zillion other ways to do it than couch surfing.

      • Laina Says:

        I knew you’d understand.

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