Wishful Thinking Is Not A Valid Weight Management Tool

Good start today, I walked to work (which implies I’ll also be walking home). So that’s 50-60 minutes of walking right off the bat. Food plan for today is the usual workday routine (although I no longer do bars or shakes, I replace those with a serving of fruit now).

Last night I did some yoga with a friend. I’ve never done yoga with a real live person before, so far my experience with it has been restricted to free videos I find on cable on-demand channels, and not for several years since I got rid of cable a while back. It was a good experience, I would do more of that.

This morning a friend posted their diet plans for the coming week on Facebook and somebody commented, “Just keep moving forward and you’ll succeed! It’s inevitable!” and that annoyed the heck out of me. That kind of wishful pie-in-the-sky BS really undermines the amount of effort and planning required. So I posted this comment, “It’s not inevitable. It requires thought, planning, hard decisions, and self discipline every day. But you can do this.” I am not trying to be a buzzkill, but as I’ve mentioned before, wishful thinking is not a weight management tool. Planning, journaling, working your system, and avoiding undue temptations are weight loss tools. The difference is that they are concrete steps that you can take to make a real-life impact on your situation. Sitting around thinking happy thoughts is not.

Today’s weight: 192.0. Starting to stabilize now to a real number, 5.5 vacation pounds to drop to my happy place.


2 Responses to “Wishful Thinking Is Not A Valid Weight Management Tool”

  1. Trystan Says:

    “Just keep moving forward and you’ll succeed! It’s inevitable!” reminds me of the “you’re so lucky you get to travel” comments I get (do you get those too?). I’m not lucky. The Travel Fairy doesn’t drop free plane tickets off at my door every 6 months. I work my ass off to make my trips happen. Just like weight management or strong relationships or a worthwhile career or a balanced budget, you have to work hard for this stuff. It sure as hell ain’t “inevitable.” Death & taxes, those are inevitable.

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