Losing the Vacation Pounds

Day one and I’m down 2 pounds already of the 8 I wanted to lose from vacation! Obviously my soon-to-be-patented “eat sensibly and drink entirely too much sangria and champagne at a wedding” diet plan which I invented yesterday is a huge success. I suspect that once I write the book it will be a bestseller!

Seriously, though, as I suspected the 8 pound gain was a lot of water, which my body holds onto anytime I’m eating lots of baked goods (see previous pizza example) or otherwise doing something unusual food-wise. And I can certify that eating airplane and airport food qualifies as “doing something unusual!”

Today’s plan: follow my usual work-day eating plan. I may get some light exercise tonight, however nothing too strenuous, I’m still suffering from some pretty epic jet-lag.

Oh, oh! In work news, my new standing-desk arrived while I was on vacation! It’s actually more of a retrofit of my existing desk, and it takes up a huge amount of space, with a large metallic arm fitted to hold my keyboard and monitor and swing up and down for standing or sitting work positions. I’ve worked most of the morning in the standing position and I’m really pleased with how I think this is going to work out. I need to maybe change the shoes I wear to the office though, for better standing comfort. Several of my co-workers have already come by to admire my new contraption and ask how to get one.

Weight today: 192.5


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