Back from Vacation

Kidwelly Castle in Wales

Kidwelly Castle in Wales

I’m back from a lovely vacation in Wales, looking at castles. Wales has so many castles! We spent 10 days driving around tiny little roads and stopping in at every castle in the country (figuratively – 10 days isn’t enough to see all of them!). And also eating baked goods – Welsh cakes, waffle cookies, scones, you know what I’m talking about, as well as enormous breakfasts (it’s a thing there!).

So I’m up 8 pounds. I’m not upset about it, I figured I’d gain some and based on my eating patterns while I was over there I accurately predicted how much. And I enjoyed every bit of it! Also, I’m fairly certain that 8 pounds on my frame is practically a rounding error – the only person it matters to is me, and so I will not wail nor gnash my teeth nor berate myself, I will simply do what needs to be done.

I shall set for myself a goal of a month to lose it. That puts me back at my goal weight on my 40th birthday. Starting weight today: 194.5. Ready…GO!


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