Appropriate Today…

You’ve all probably seen this by now, but The Oatmeal pretty much sums up superbly a lot of my thoughts about self-image around weight management. My favorite bit is the part about “Who you think cares if your weight changes” and “Who ACTUALLY cares if your weight changes.”

This is so true in my experience. For most of my life, when my weight has changed I’ve used a whole series of berating self-talk to convince myself that a weight gain makes me a horrible, useless person. When a friend goes through a weight change I just think, “That’s my friend, she’s awesome.” Funny how hard we are on ourselves but we never think to apply the same standards we apply to our friends to ourselves. Treat yourself like you would a friend, ok? You’re just as worthy of love and acceptance as your friends are!

Ok, dance party!


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