Three and a Half Pounds

That’s how much my body reacts when I go off-plan.

So here’s the backstory: Wednesday I, for professional purposes, found it to be in my best interests to eat pizza for lunch with my team at work. I did what I could to mitigate the impact: Ate only vegetarian pizza, limited my intake to two slices (although they were fairly large slices), and skipped my afternoon snack. It was thin-crust, so I estimate about 300 calories per slice, so a total of 600 calories, when I normally have about 250 calories for lunch. That’s not a huge variance, but my body reacted with total hyperbolic outrage.

The whole rest of the day my gut gurgled and groaned and muttered as it processed this unexpected deposit of processed junk. And then when I got on the scale Thursday morning I was up to 188.5! That’s a pound and a half over my target weight, and three and a half over Wednesday morning’s number. Yesterday I was more scrupulous than usual about staying on track because clearly I needed to make amends with my body.

This morning I was back to 185. Whew! What a crazy reaction to a single slip comprised of about 350 extra calories… My body is such a drama queen. I will add this to my list of “interesting fluctuation anomalies” and keep this in mind when pizza happens in the future!


3 Responses to “Three and a Half Pounds”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Wow, that is a very dramatic reaction indeed! I’m guessing it was water weight due to the influx of salt and processed carbs? Even still – get a grip, body!! Hehe. Thank goodness it’s gone away again though!

  2. Losing the Vacation Pounds | Keeping Off 200 Pounds Says:

    […] a lot of water, which my body holds onto anytime I’m eating lots of baked goods (see previous pizza example) or otherwise doing something unusual food-wise. And I can certify that eating airplane and airport […]

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