Stupid Ankle

I had planned to go for a run this afternoon, as I had a weekend full of perhaps too much festive eating. But as I was walking from my car to my office, my left ankle started hurting out of the blue. I was just walking, I didn’t misstep or twist it or anything it just…started hurting. I thought at first it would be one of those transient pains I get now that I’m in my late 30s, and after a few steps it would stop again like normal.

Well, now it’s 3pm and it’s been hurting all day – for no reason! I did nothing to my stupid little ankle to warrant this! I’ve been kind of limping around the office waiting for the pain to go away but it’s hanging in there. So I guess I won’t be running this afternoon, which is a bummer because I need to get back on track with exercise after too much fun food the last few days.

Alas, all I can imagine I’d be up for at this point is upper body strength training, so I guess I’ll do that. Food is completely back on track today, as planned. I always plan to be on track and follow my food plan, because that’s how I roll.

Weight this morning: 187, which is an increase from last week’s lows, but is actually my target weight! I’m happy with this.


3 Responses to “Stupid Ankle”

  1. Shonnie Says:

    Glad food is on travk

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