More walking, less drinking.

I had a 5 1/2 mile day yesterday, walked to work, then went for a run, then walked home. That felt pretty good. I’ll be trying to walk to work more now that it’s getting warmer, although the sun is perfectly placed at that time of the morning to just blast me in the face the whole way. Hats it is, then.

I’ve been noticing (that’s an understatement) that ever since I went off Optifast and have been maintaining my current weight, I can’t drink any alcohol whatsoever without getting a blistering migraine. Before the diet, if I took a Claritin before I started, watched how much I imbibed, and kept hydrated I could enjoy a pleasant evening with a couple of drinks without too much problem. Now…I get an almost immediate migraine if I so much as take two sips of port. (Ask me how I know.) I’m wondering if it’s something about having a lower body weight or lower fat percentage? Maybe the fat was helping me to absorb or process the alcohol? Or maybe it’s an aging thing, because I don’t remember this being the case 10 years ago when I was first at this weight. Whatever the cause, I’m sad about the result. I am an extremely unwilling abstainer.

Yesterday’s weight: 184.5. Today’s weight: 185.


2 Responses to “More walking, less drinking.”

  1. Vera Says:

    It may be the wine/port. You might be developing an allergy. I’ve had friends that enjoyed red wines for years, and now can’t drink them. šŸ˜¦

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