Controlling My Portions

My husband and I went away this weekend to celebrate his birthday. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do a run or other focused workout, so I needed to be very careful with my food, and get as much walking into each day as possible.

I’ve been really paying attention lately to how much I eat, and stopping before I feel too full. This means that even if there is a lot of food left on my plate, I stop if I can feel enough in my stomach. In fact, this has been working really well. Friday night we went out to a Mediterranean restaurant, a cuisine I love. I ordered the mezze platter, an appetizer with many of my favorites, and then some Avgelemono chicken soup for my entree. I stopped eating after only a few spoonfuls of the soup because the appetizer I’d shared had really filled me up. Again on Saturday, we both ordered a healthy appetizer (tuna poke for me, crab cakes for my husband) and then a salad for our entrees. Again I was careful about stopping when my stomach felt satisfied. We shared a piece of flourless chocolate cake for dessert (not because I object to flour – they only had two items on the dessert menu and that sounded better than the other option), which was a nice small slice split between us.

Sunday morning we ended up at a breakfast buffet. I’m generally against buffets for any meal, as they encourage over eating in a variety of ways. I practiced stopping when I felt satisfied though, which meant I ended up eating a single pancake, half a piece of French toast, a few forkfuls of eggs and that was about it.

This morning’s weigh in shocked me – even though I’d eaten some foods that I generally don’t consider supportive, like pancakes and chocolate cake, I came in at 182.5. I stepped off and stepped on again, because my scale is notoriously unreliable and I was wondering if there was a fault with it. Second time I came in at 184. Either way, my weekend of eating different kinds of “fun” foods but in small amounts resulted in a loss.


5 Responses to “Controlling My Portions”

  1. huscarl91 Says:

    Funny, I think we’re good for each other. I was down 2.5 lbs this morning myself. OG US!

  2. Shonnie Says:

    That is awesome!!

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