On Reaching Goals and Rewarding Myself

When I set a goal last summer of losing the weight I needed to lose for this reset effort, I told myself that when I attained my goal (not if, when) I would reward myself with a new tattoo. It has been over 12 years since my first one was completed, and it has taken me that long to decide where to put the next one. These things don’t happen fast for me – I didn’t get the first one until I was 27! So now I’m ready for a second one, and I’ve done the work I felt that I needed to do to “deserve” such an indulgence.

My first tattoo. Completed in 2001.

My first tattoo. Completed in 2001.

I’ve decided to put it on my left thigh, down the front and side. Problem is, I’m not sure what I want. I had been kicking around a tiger motif, because I like them and I was born in the Chinese zodiac “year of the tiger.” But, really…that’s not totally me. Then I thought, maybe a giraffe – ha! that would fit the space perfectly! Long and narrow! But…considering what the flesh of my thigh looks like, it might look weird. I have a lot of excess flesh there, which has fallen into looking like what you might envision if I told you I had a lot of cellulite. It’s lumpy and wrinkly.

So then I thought, it would be nice if I could find something that worked with the natural terrain. But…well, there’s the obvious – get an elephant. But having grown up as a “fat kid” it’s not a word that has a positive association for me, having had it hurled at me as an epithet in my youth. So..now I’m not sure what! Which is fine, I have time – I still have to find an artist. I welcome your ideas and suggestions. However, if you have an objection to tattoos on moral (or any other) grounds please keep your opinions to yourself. Not the place for it.

Yesterday’s weight: 186.5. Today’s weight: 186.5.

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5 Responses to “On Reaching Goals and Rewarding Myself”

  1. Kaaren Says:

    What about a tree with texture or pattern (like your wall art) in the bark? Or even a tree-nymph-ish type of tree where you can kinda find a tall, lithe, Laina-shaped woman’s form in the trunk, but not obviously? The bark and leaves would be fine on a less-than-smooth surface. Have you ever checked out Connal’s tree? It’s worked into the scars on his leg.

  2. beanolc Says:

    As you may have guessed, I’m a fan of graphical designs. When space needs to be filled, designs can adjust to accommodate. Is there anything you’ve drawn/painted you love enough to put on your body? Any designs you’ve seen that you’d want adjusted for you?

  3. disappearingwoman Says:

    Your back design is just gorgeous. I love Kaaren’s tree idea. I have one tattoo on my arm that’s cherry blossom branches and birds. I’m going to add on to it once my weight is gone. I think a new tattoo is a great way to celebrate your weight loss! 🙂

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