Hazards of Hotel Gyms

I have this issue, when I’m working out at a hotel gym. See, usually if I’m at a hotel and I have time to use their fitness center, it’s because I’m traveling for business, or I’m there with my husband for one of his Masonic functions. In these situations, I’m going to the gym because I have very little, or nothing, else to do. I have all the time in the world and no pressure to get things done with, so I tend to be over-enthusiastic about my workout.

Saturday morning was no different. I did 30 minutes of weight-lifting supersets, during which I did a brand new leg exercise which I haven’t done in probably a year, and I probably started a little high with the amount of iron I used. And then, not aware that I’d already overdone it (because the soreness takes 24 hours to set in), I hit a machine I’ve never used before (I’m switching things up! Using new muscles!) and did 30 minutes of hard running on an elliptical that was nothing like the one I’m used to at my office gym. A couple of times my legs got a little wobbly, and I noticed that the muscle that runs up the back of my calf was really working hard.

When I stepped down off it a soaked, sodden mass I knew I was in trouble. The muscle on the back of my calf was already hurting. I really overdid it.

I’ve been hobbling around like a cripple for two days now. I don’t know when it will stop. I’m hoping to go out for a run this evening, but it may be more of a brisk stumble if things don’t settle down soon!

In other news, I was expecting much worse news on the scale this morning, as the lunch and dinner at the event on Saturday weren’t exactly supportive and I felt I’d maybe eaten a bit too much of dessert and cookies, and would have some damage to fix this week. This morning’s weight: 185.5. Very good result! Maybe this tactic of adding a variety of different exercises is paying off.


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