Working at Home vs Eating at Work

I have this conundrum. I have the flexibility to work from home a LOT with my job. However, I eat better when I go into the office! I only live about a mile and half from the office, but it’s not the commute that stops me, it’s the having to get showered and dressed and made up and…of course, the makeup is optional where I work, but the showering and clothes are not.

So I always have the draw to stay home in my pajamas if I don’t have any meetings I need to attend in person, but I know that for lunch I’ll pretty much be stuck with a tuna sandwich. Whereas if I go into the office I can have a tasty salad with a wide variety of fresh ingredients that I’d never buy for the house. That’s one of the benefits of the salad bar at the office cafeteria – they can offer a wide variety of veggies in the salad bar that I don’t buy for the home because I can’t get through them before they go bad.

This post brought to you by my lunchtime tuna sandwich.

This morning’s weight: 185. Yesterday: 188. Day before: 187. (I’m going to keep posting these so that everyone can see what a normal fluctuation can look like.)


2 Responses to “Working at Home vs Eating at Work”

  1. Cathy Yonek Says:

    I eat better when I am in the office as well. It is more the routine of it that keeps me on plan.

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